Port forwarding


I want to connect two GL Inet routers through a tunnel VPN. I am unable to establish the connection and please advise which port number ( TCP / UDP ) that i need to use for the port forwarding on my ISP modem and which port number that i need to assign.

First, what type of VPN are you setting up (PPTP, OpenVPN, IpSec, etc)? Each uses different port numbers. Are you running VPN on a computer or on the router?

i am using two GL Inet routers for the connection . One will be server and the other client.

My server router is connected through my ISP router and my other router is on a different country.

I want to know which protocol and port number that i need to use for the connection

My GL Inet router supports OpenVPN, Wireguard, and Tor out of the box. Luci allows PPTP and others, I believe. So, which one are you going to use? Open VPN uses 1194 (and often 443 for fallback) by default, PPTP uses 1723 and needs for the router to have gre47 (which most have). In both cases I’d just select TCP/UDP when it asks what protocol for the port - even though TCP alone usually works. UDP is faster, but sometimes doesn’t work due to a variety of reasons. I can’t speak to Wireguard.

my main ISP router from the living room is an ATNT Uverse that is connected to my centurylink router that goes to my bedroom and from there i have a little netgear switch that is connected to my centurylink router and provide internet to all my room devices through lan port including my GL Inet which i configure as a server. i download the server configuration then export it to my other router from another country where i have another GL Inet client which the connection refused to established.
please kindly help me with a few ideas that might be missing on the configuration

The key point is to make port forward in your ISP router.

For example if you use openvpn server on GL router, it will use default port 1194, you should make port forward on your main router

port 1194 to IP_of_GL_Router port 1194

You can find the IP_of_GL_Router in your GL router’s Internet status page.

my GL router is not connected to my main router instead its connected directly to my a little netgear switch which is connected directly to my centrurylink router and my centrury link router is the one connected to my AT&T Uverse router. Do you thin i still need to configure port forwarding from my main router to the GL router even though its not directly connected to it ? or should i configure two port fowarding one in my main router to the centrurylink and the other from my century to the GL router ?

Please advise

Yes you should configure port forward in each of the upstream routers

my atnt main router refused to accept the port forwarding.

It does not have the option to port forward the ip of the remote router instead gave me option to port forward a specific port number or open the traffic for all ports. I selected either option still the port forwarding does not work. i think this is where the issue come from

Maybe you can post the screenshot. No idea of what is that