Port opening for PS4 using AR150

Hi all,

My question might be a little basic and general. But. How port opening works for my PlayStation4?

Does it open incoming ports or outgoing ports?

I am struggling to differentiate port forwards, open ports on router and DMZ. They all still look the same to me.

Which ones to open if I want to free some ports such as these?

“port forward” is different from opening ports.

port forward will open the ports on a router and forward it to one client behind it.

open port will only open the port of the router itself.

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The main problem: OpenWrt does not support UPnP out-of-the-box because it’s a big security flaw. This will lead to a “restricted NAT” on the PlayStation.

One method to get around this might be by Enable Full Cone NAT (See)

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I currently use firmware 3.x

Is the full cone NAT setting not present?

No, unfortunately it’s a 4.5 (I guess) only thing.

I already set full cone NAT at the ISP Router now. And I guess I need to make the same setting on the GLInet… Sadly no setting in the GLInet.

Yesterday I reset the firmware GLInet, and set the checkbox of Wireguard VPN back to be not accessible from the server. Additionally I took DMZ for GLInet in the ISP Router and DMZ for client (PS4) in the GLInet itself. (Noobs effort I dont know which will work hehe)

(I have set the MTU to match VPN too)

The connection seems back to business. Upload via VPN can reach 20 Mbps.

I think I want to cool down and hope the connection will be stable.

Thank you guys. For now it seems fine…

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In addition, my NAT on PS4 was restricted because I dont get a public IP.

That’s why I resort to VPN only to get public IP.

I got moderate NAT Type with VPN, but even with or without VPN the upload speed had already been very bad and unstable.

Until I get to this forum and adjust MTU the uplod speed get better…

much appreciated everyone…