Port want dont work , why?

I bought the mini router model gl -ar150-ext
has two ethernet access ports:
wan and lan.
I connected an ethernet cable that goes from my main router to the mini gl-net modem
for internet connection access. (i use lan swtich on gl-net mini router)
I have no intention to use the wifi in the minirouter.
My question is :
it is possible to transmit through another ethernet cable that connects to my computer through the wan switch? so I do not need to use wifi…
I tried, but it does not work, why?
the wan swtich dont work

ok so i resolve … thank to kyson-lok

You can use the Wan as LAN port. But not sure what you have done. As you said you connecting the wan port to your modem in your post.

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You can configure wan bridge to lan on luci.

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  1. Posting the same question twice won;t help you
  2. The search feature is your friend:
    Search results for 'configure wan port as lan' - GL.iNet