Portforwarding On GLAR150-Poe

I have enabled the port forwarding on the router and tyring to access it.
The clients are disconnecting very frequently. And sometimes they are unable to connect even though the ports are enabled.

Example. The GLAR150 is connected to a network with IP

On GLAR150 i have connected a client to the LAN and its IP is
I have enabled the port forward for SSH with 2222

Now i am trying to access from the parent network and my PC IP is
Client ip with port forward it is not working.

looks correct. try deleting it and putting it in again. if not. delete it and use the gli-admin web page under firewall. for ssh you only need tcp

Hi Again,

Its not working.

I have tried with other SSH device, still it is not working.

it is only working with other ports like 80,554 etc but not with ssh port 22.

I guess there is issue with the firmware or the device.

Solved the Wifi is connected from Nvidia.
i have disconnected the wifi from Nvidia