Possibility running repeater with DHCP server on cable model and Adguard

I have a GL-MT1300 connected to a cable model that I cannot put in bridge mode. It has DHCP running.
I installed Adguard Home on the MT1300 and that is running fine.

I can’t only get it to work when I put the MT1300 into repeater mode and that the MT1300 also serves as a DHCP server. I don’t see the option.
When I go into luci , I don’t have DHCP server option at Network → interfance → br-lan

As told I can get adguard to run actually, but I need the DHCP server itself on the MT1300 as I have some Android device that overrule any DNS setting I set in the config of those devices

Try turn off dhcp server inside Adguard Home. Then router turn on local area network for itself dhcp server.

I am not very sure what you mean but do you want to use adguard as the dhcp server?

You have an option here.

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