Possible Heat Problem Causing Severe Slowdown (Flint GL-AX1800)

Is it possible that the Flint becomes very slow in heat?

When I turn on the router in the morning, I have 80 mbps download. A few hours later it is only 10 mbps. If I tie the Flint in front of a fan and reboot, it’s back to 80 mbps.

Can anyone confirm this?

How can I open the case of the Flint to mount a fan?

I’d try increasing the airflow along the bottom before cracking open the case. Head over to your local dollar store. See if there’s a mesh spice/dish rack for cupboards in the kitchen section:


Failing that there’s always something like:


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I always have between 26 and 31 degrees room temperature. Would this be enough here or should I mount an active fan?

I have a Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) which features the same CPU/SOC as the Flint (Qualcomm IPQ6000 1.2GHz quad-core). It also has onboard fan/thermo control unlike the Flint. WG Client is active, Wi-Fi disabled, one LAN computer connected. Current ambient temp is 24°C/74°F. A floor/freestanding fan is on low circulating the room’s air. GL GUI → System → Overview shows the Slate AX is 64°C/147.2°F.

The fans have yet to kicked in (stock threshold is 75°C/167°F). It’s on a mesh spice rack. YMMV.

This sounds like a hardware driver issue with Ethernet of your machine NIC. Check you advance network settings against how they should be optimized.