Possible home network connectivity configuration of GL-MT1300 Beryl


I have a question related to a possible configuration of GL-MT1300 Beryl.

I would likto to simultaneously connect to beryl via a USB 3.0 hub a 4g dongle with simcard for mobile connectivity and a USB hard drive enclosure to share files over wifi.

In the meanwhile I would connect via ethernet port a mesh repeater system to deliver internet all over our 3 level townhouse with massive walls.

Will, for example, a laptop or a mobile phone or table with android or ios be able to access the internet through the mesh system via the 4g dongle or access the data in the USB drive both connected via USB hub to beryl?

Thanks in advance for your answer

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Replied your email as well. It should just works. But you are pulling too much potential from the router.

Hello, thanks for the reply.
When you say that it “too much potential” does it means that the router will not work if overcharged or it will be too slow?

I foresee a sporadic usage of network attached storage to save mobile phone pics and videos.
And at home we have maximum 15 devices and not in simultaneous use/download or streaming. Maximum 2 or 3 devices are streaming netflix or youtube simultaneously in peak times not in 4k resolution.


The router has these functions. You can connect one usb devices but if you connect usb hub with a lot of devices, it is too much burden for it.