Possible to add external antennas later?

If I buy a GL-AR300M16, and later on want to add external antennas, do I need to cut the traces to the internal antenna or can I just pop on to the connectors that are on the board and drill out the holes for the pig tail mount? Or is there some other reason that this isn’t possible to do?

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You cannot add external antenna because there is no uFL connector on the PCB.
Unless you want to modify the hardware.

Wow, good to know. I thought most of them had the uFL connector on the board.

Are there any other ones without the connectors?

You mean with the connectors, right? We have products with external antennas which has uFL inside.

What are these?

Look like uFL connectors to me…

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I was under the impression most of your boards had the uFL connectors available, so I was just wanting to know which boards to avoid, as I’m not interested in something that cannot be upgraded to external antennas.

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They are for radio calibration, not uFL. If you check carefully there is no male connector inside of the little connector.

If you want external antenna, just use this one:

Thanks for the info! I have the AR300M16 already and it’s been wonderful. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price.

Challenge accepted! Have hot-air rework station, can reflow solder. My MT300N-V2 WILL be getting external antennas, by hook or by crook.

were u successful with adding an antenna?