Possible to block devices by mac address?

I have an unknown device connected to my AR300M (firmware 2.22).Is it possible to block access for certain mac addresses? The advanced configuration leads to a login page with user “root” and a password I do not know, so no luck along this route.

Alternatively how to change password for the router using something else than “goodlife”?

goodlife is the default wireless password, not the device’s web gui password. The password for LuCi (advanced = OpenWrt gui) is the one you use to login to the GLi web page at

Regarding the wireless password goodlife, in the GLi gui go to the second button down, wireless status and select the “setting” button at the top center. In the new popup window update your settings including password. Please note by default, there is no Encryption set and you should configure something like WPA\WPA2 Mixed.

In the wireless tab select the Master device and edit. At the bottom in the interface selection choose MAC-filter. I expect that once you secure your wireless you will not need to do this. You can also change your security and password in the same sections “wireless Security” tab.

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