Possible to break-in to router with UART?


Let’s see the router is password locked with public key,

Is it possible someone to use UART and see the inside of the router?

If that is possible how to disable UART?

When someone can physically access your router, they can check everything.

You can disable UART, SSH etc. of course. You can google it to find a solution. I have no guide.

Thank you for the answer,

I want to make this clear,

is it possible if UART and SSH is disabled also reset switch?

You can disable UART in your firmware. But the UART can still be used in uboot. So someone can use uboot console to replace the firmware.

So you need to disable UART in uboot as well.

so if i disable UART in my firmware, I understand someone can still replace the firmware,

but can someone see the files inside of my firmware after disabling UART in my firmware?

They cannot see your files if UART is disabled.