Possible to create an IDS?

The Brume has alot of resources and great features, it should be Able to run some type of IDS. Can gli team add a IDS to their future DEV plans? It seems like the next logical step for security.

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Yes you are totally right. We are working on IDS functions. This may be available in firmware 4.x. Now we still have a lot to do with firmware 3.x


That’s good to hear my friend. Do you know when version 4 will be out?

Still in early stages. Should have another 3.x release first.

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Has 4.x started development? Would you guys be doing beta testers? I really want an IDS, maybe even an IPS to help block malware and other things on the LAN network.

Still too early to have beta test. But surely we will have beta test first. IDS is new function so it will be slower.


IDS/IPS has some requirements for router performance. What is your router model?

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Brume and Beryl. But the Brume should have the ponies to run a simple IDS.

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Brume and Beryl should be support.

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I would absolutely love these features!