Post-install error on bluetooth module - but seems to work anyway


I get this error when installing kmod-bluetooth via opkg:

  • pkg_run_script: package “kmod-bluetooth” postinst script returned status 255.
  • opkg_configure: kmod-bluetooth.postinst returned 255.

How can I investigate this problem further?

It’s probably nothing as my bluethooth-dongle seems to work fine anyway, but I am curious…

Many thanks!

the 255 errors must be something between the web server (lighttpd) and opkg scripts.

I do hope to debug and find the problem. As the problem doesn’t really cause troubles now so we didn’t get the solved.

It really is a non-issue.

What seems to happen is that the post-install script wants to load a kernel-module that already is loaded (or something like that, I can’t remember) and returns a non-zero exit code even though there is not really a problem.

But the error keeps being reported every time you install packages. To fix this you can simply mark the package as “installed” and all is fine.

How to To fix this you can simply mark the package as “installed” and all is fine ?

The problem is that the post-install script reports an error that really is not an error.

But this causes the error-message that you’ll then see again and again every time you install a package as for the opkg-system the installation of the bluetooth module has not completed yet.

To get rid of this (wrong) error message you simply do a “opkg mark installed kmod-bluetooth”.

Then opkg assumes the installation is complete and the error messagee goes away. And bluetooth works as there was never really a problem, so everyting is fine: Working bluetooth and no more error-messages.

This is of course only a work-around for a problem that should properly be fixed in the post-install script of this package.

I see. Thanks. Will try.