Power consumption

Hello, can you tell me the power consumption of the GL-MT300A?

In the manual you write max 2 W. In the specs you say max 3 W.


A simple USB power meter should give you the information you seek. I have one but it’s not at my office or I’d plug in quick and tell you. My guess is that it falls somewhere between that 2-3W figure depending on load and features being used, etc.


Thank you for your answer and your offer to test it, but GL.inet already sent me an mail. It are max. 2 Watt. They had the wrong value in the specs. Now there have corrected the specs at their homepage.

I want to operate the router with a solar panel. My solar “construction” reliably provides about 0,5A at 5 V. So 2 Watt should be ok, 3 Watt could make problems. Thats why the power consumtion is important for me. I also have a USB power meter, but i dont have a GL-MT300A to test it. Therefore I wanted to know the power consumtion before buying it.


For my test , the power consumption of the GL-MT300A does’t hop-up 1w. It’s about 0.2A at 5V, The max. 2 Watt mean when the load power is achieved 2W , electric current will damaged the device .