Powerbank for GL-AXT1800

Hey guys! I wanted to have a full on-the-go setup and was wondering if anyone used GL-AXT1800 with a powerbank and which one. 5V/4A seems as an odd combo for an inout. Cheers.

Used mine with a Anker Core+ 26800 model A1374. It will run on 5v/3a just don’t have any thing plugged into the USB.


I have this which does 22.5w out of the USB-A and 20W out of the USB-C. https://a.co/d/2jG9GTK. There’s also a 20,000 mah version as well.

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When it comes to power banks with Power Delivery, the output watts varies with the output volts, which can go from 5 volts to 20+ volts. The higher watts may only be available at the higher volts.

GL.iNet routers do not support Power Delivery, so they will only draw 5 volts from the power bank that may result in lower watts. The specs and a label on the power bank should list the different output amps or watts at different output volts, which people should check to confirm the output for GL.iNet routers.

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You are correct. I forgot to mention that the power bank I listed does 5v at the full wattage.

So we are in luck!

I also tried hooking up a USB hub with a portable 2.5” hdd, my phone, and a Slate 1 to it to draw as much power as I could while running an OpenVPN client, watching a movie on the MicroSD, and doing a Speedtest at the same time. I have it on Max transmission on both 2.5g & 5g, Ethernet connected, repeater as well. I could barely break 12 Watts on this thing. No sign of trouble from it either. How else can I get it to drain more power to test it?

You could try a 7200rpm or 10000rpm spinning HDD.

Challenge mode:

Does anybody know a power bank that will output 5V 3A and is powered by removable 18650 batteries??