Powering Beryl (GL-MT3000)

Hi, i’m trying to power this travel router via a USB-C PD charger, tried Apple’s Macbook pro over 90w, Anker etc with a USB-C to USB-C cable but cannot get the device to power up.

Can use a USB-A to USB-C cable and the plugged into an appropriate hotel USB-a port.

What am I doing wrong ? Seen people mention here you can use PD chargers. Wrong USB-C cable ?


Please try the attached power supply to check the router. If the can not be power on with the attached power supply, the device is likely broken.

As i mentioned it can be powered on with a usb-a to usb-c cable plugged into a 5v/3A usb-a port.

Is the supplied power supply going to be any different ?

Is the device expected to work with any PD charger >= 15 usb-c to usb-c ?

What’s their power specification?

90W don’t matter on 5V, you get 15W at most when working at 5V

Hard to tell from Apple typically.

What am I actually looking for ? A PD charger that can do 5V3A as one of it’s modes and a specific type of USB-C cable ?


Cable shouldn’t matter for such a low power and non-PD device. From my expierience, MacBook Pro USB-C ports support dumb devices as well, but I don’t know if they can supply 3A without risking breakage.

Unfortunately USB-C doesn’t solve charging issues – devices and chargers don’t have to use PD, there are many PD versions and PD doesn’t have to be fully implemented. Anyway, Beryl is a “dumb” device – it doesn’t support PD, so it doesn’t talk to the charger. Apple’s PD chargers expect a device to talk to it and say what voltage it wants. Otherwise charger won’ turn on. For Beryl, you need a charger that is “on” by default. You can see some charger tests on the following website.

For example it says “Default state for usb output is off.” for Apple 61W charger:

all: Index of tested and reviewed USB power supplies/chargers
USB-C PD: Index of tested and reviewed USB power supplies/chargers (USB-C Power delivery)

BTW it’s interesting to compare voltage noise in various brands.

PD is backwards compatible. There are some devices (I’m looking at slate ax) that want 5V4A, and that was never in any standard. :smiley:

Turns out I wasn’t 100% correct:
but be sure to read Reddit - Dive into anything

Interesting, thanks for the info.