PPPoE works while applying settings only

Hi, I just received my GL-MT6000 today and wanted to set it up to replace my old Router. However I am not able to get any internet connection working on it. Though while trying to debug, I noticed that when I enable IPv6 support i get a working internet connection for 1-3 seconds while the changes are being applied. As soon as the changes are applied it stops working again. I am running on the latest Firmware 4.5.8

I could not find any cause for this in the log files however. I have now reverted back to my old setup.


May I know if it will lose the PPPoE connectivity or stop dial-up when you enable the IPv6 of MT6000? What IPv6 work mode do you select?

I never got it to work other than for a few seconds while it is applying the changes to disable IPv6. As soon as it is actually disable it does not work anymore. However it also does not work with it enabled. I also tried all of the available options for IPv6, and none of them work.

I checkecd my old router and there IPv6 is active with these settings "native > use IPv4 over DS-Liste > obtain AFTR-Address automatically via DHCPv6"

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Please share more detail info to analyze the question:

  1. As your description, the IPv6 configuration of GL router such as NAT6, Native, etc. are only for LAN management. For WAN (including WAN-PPPoE), only enable the (u)DHCPv6 client for obtain/listen the IPv6 address from upper device like ISP modem.

  2. After enable IPv6 in the GL GUI, please re-connect the PPPoE-WAN interface, to see if can obtain the IPv6 address.

On your old router, do you have ipv4 and ipv6 both working?

Is it possible that your modem locks the mac addresss? So you can clone your old route's mac address to the new router. Or reboot/reset your modem.

Yes, the old router is getting both V4 and V6 - and no mac address lock is in place for any ISP in this country by law (which i can also confirm since i bought the old router myself as well and it is not provided or connected in any way to the ISP other than me putting in the login details

Unfortunately the interface does not show the PPPoE connection log. Sometimes it gets displayed for about half a second but then instantly disappears.

I am able to get an IPv6 address on the WAN interface. Since I am not getting an IPv4 address by my ISP directly, am I correct in assuming that IPv4 via Dualstack-Lite is not supported?

I managed to get it to work by installing the ds-lite package and changing settings according to [OpenWrt Wiki] ISP Configurations in luci, then i re-entered the pppoe login details in the regular web interface and it is finally working :slight_smile:

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