PPtP VPN can't access the devices from host network

I have the following setup
Home router DD-WRT (HOST network) several devices PPTP VPN ok from mobile phone and direct connection from cmputer. I can access guest devices from host network.
Travel device GL-AR150 (openwrt-18.06 branch (git-18.196.56128-9112198 / OpenWrt 18.06.1 r7258-5eb055306f AKA GL.inet FV 3.024)
I can connect to the host VPN
I can connect from host VPN to the guest devices (router+other hosted devices)
I can’t connect guest device from guest network to guest device from host network. I can access the main VPN gateway from host network (DD-WRT router).
What it is the problem

Where is your guest network?
Can you provide a simple topology?

So the only problem is the red arrow , computer 1 can’t connect to computer 2. Computer 2 can connect to computer 1