Pre-Purchase Questions GL-AR750S (Vulnerabilities, Config Files, Kill Switch)

Hi all!

I’m really tempted by the GL-AR750S, but I’m a bit over my head when it comes to OpenWRT/LEDE. Hoping you can help me with a few things.

I’ve found some forum discussion on most of these topics, but they seem either quite old, unanswered, or indeterminate.

  1. Is the AT-750S secure against Krack? Do I need to toggle any settings to enable this security? (there’s a thread which seems to imply the Krack fix needs to be “enabled”)

  2. Is the AT-750S secure against VPNFilter? Do I need to toggle any settings to enable this security?

  3. Has anyone had any experience using iVPN config files with the AR750S? Do they play nice?

  4. Is the “Killswitch” feature working? Some of the threads on this I’ve seen seem to imply that I may need to make firewall tweaks to make the killswitch perform right?

Thanks in advance all!

Yes, AR750S’s firmware is based on OpenWRT-18.06, which had applied the krack patch.

It will force all traffic data over VPN, so it is security.

If you don’t have VPN account yet. Using WireGuard instead of OpenVPN is recommended, WireGuard is faster than OpenVPN.

The latest firmware works perfectly. You can change server without data leak.