Pre-purchase questions

I’ve come across these awesome little devices after recently seeing the CES 2019 award. Well done.
I’m particularly interested in the GL-AR750S and the GL-AR300M-Lite, and have a couple of questions.

  1. GL-AR750S, Can the wifi automatically connect to any open wifi, particularly if the VPN is configured?
  2. GL-AR300M-Lite, I assume with the upcoming v3.0 firmware this can act as a suitable Wireguard VPN Server? I already have a VPN on my Synology at home, but I would like to test this as an easy to set up alternative.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Both will do what you want but the 750S is much the better piece of kit!

For 1, you have to first manually connect but it can be saved for auto connection later.

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You can try the portal firmware, which is integrated with portal cracker program.

v3.0 firmware for GL-AR300M-Lite isn’t released yet, you maybe need to upgrade to the latest testing firmware. It supports WireGuard server on admin web page.

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