Preconfigured WiFi in Imagebuilder

We are using glbuilder to build custom firmware for the GL-X3000 / Spitz AX.
We have included custom configuration for WiFi (SSIDs, passwords) in files/etc/config/wireless. However when the image is built and clean installed, it defaults to the factory GL-X3000-abc-5G SSID. How to ensure the pre-configured WiFi settings are used?

GLI-UI set pre-configured WiFi settings in /etc/uci-defaults/02_gl_wifi, so you should code another shell scripts to replace it, or add a pre-configured in /etc/uci-defaults/03_test

root@GL-X3000:/# opkg files gl-sdk4-wifi
Package gl-sdk4-wifi (git-2023.172.36309-9dcb886-1) is installed on root and has the following files: