Preshared Keys With Wireguard (on Slate)

Has anyone figured out how to set the Slate up as a client for a Wireguard server that requires use of a PSK? Why is this option not exposed in the Slate’s GUI?

I ended up finding a thread on the bug tracker one day when googling about this same thing, hopefully it helps you in the mean time while I’m sure they work on adding it to the UI.

can’t the presharedkey be added into the client.conf as a workaround??

Can anyone describe the workaround here? the bug site is 404.

The latest firmware support preshared key.


Thanks @wellnw. I was excited to see the new option in the latest firmware. I originally solved this by logging into the router itself over ssh and updating the wire guard config manually - the new settings page picked up the PSK automatically (as you would expect given that this page just reads in options from the wire guard config file).