Prices double

@alzhao Can you tell me why the prices has double for the AR300M and generally for most routers from last month both on Ebay/Amazon?

What country are you? I just checked Amazon and the prices are pretty much the same, at least here in the US.

There have been some pretty nice sales lately (I picked up a 300-Lite from Newegg for ~$12 a couple of months ago), maybe you were comparing to that?

Pls post the link and we can have a chekc.

Was sold last month for ~£10

Sold last month for ~£18

@simonli pls have a check of the price.

We did not double the price, but restimate it on eBay.
Two reasons:

  1. Many of our clients complained their packagea lost by using cheap e-comm shipping. So we change the price included express shipping fee. Faster: 7-10 working days vs previous 30-45 working days, and with good tracking of the package.
  2. Some of our products was very cheap before, and we have to adjut the price to normal.

We also want to see our clients’ feedback, if most of clients like this method, we may keep.
But if most clients felt this price and express shipping free is unacceptable, we will adjust it.
Thanks for your response and please give us your feeling about this to let us make it better.

@simonli, @alzhao
Shame, at that price it would put me off ordering. But it not just GL.inet, Aliexpress is at the same price.
Why dont you offer 2 methods of delivery?

Man, I’m sure glad I found about you guys early on, then! The price point was perfect pre-evaluation :wink:

Guys, thanks for your support but we have the right for pricing our products. If you find a cheaper way to buy it then just buy it cheaper.

Why is this a problem?