Prices on the GL-MiFi 4G Smart Router

$129.00 EP06-E LTE module on the site???
180 Euros EP06-E LTE module on amazon

Can someone explain the logic?

Amazon marketplace profiteers. I didn’t think GL.inet still sold their newer stuff on Amazon anymore, that’s probably a third party. and

Yep sold by Microuter, not GL-iNet :worried:

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Thank about it:
You need to pay 19% for import VAT
Tens of euro for shipping and long time to wait

Just calculate how much you need to pay.

As for the seller, Amazon also charges around 20% in total. The cost need to be bear by buyer eventually.

The price difference is VAT+Shipping+Amazon fee+convenience

At least in the US, the GL.iNet product sold through Amazon by GL.iNet is comparably priced to that which they sell direct.

Yes same in Australia Amazon and stock is held locally in Oz so don’t have to wait for shipping from China/Honkers…

Well Amazon US only has like 10% VAT or whatever no? In EU we have 25%+. It’s also a 3rd party that is selling it, not Amazon fulfilled like in the US, so tack on their profits too. That is where the 20% extra cost is from most likely.

Unless they bring down their prices on Amazon. I will not purchase it, I am looking at other products that are comparable and cheaper.

I know you’re frustrated, but please remember that GL.iNet doesn’t have control over third-party sellers. Your frustrations would be better directed at the retailer, not at the manufacturer.

Direct purchase from GL.iNet is another option you might explore.

Sadly same thing happens on Amazon Au. First listing is direct from GL. Inet (fulfilled by Amazon). Subsequent 2 are from a third party profiteer. Probably before gl. Inet joined Amazon Au.

I am now a proud owner of the GL-MIFI 4G. Waiting to be delivered :slight_smile: