Printing on 2.4ghz vs. 5ghz

I have a printer that does not support 5ghz. When I configure the printer, I give it my 2.4ghz guest network SSID. It connects and receives an IP address from my Flint router.

However, I cannot print to this printer. I have three devices (Linux laptop, Mac Laptop, and Android phone), and I configure them to connect to the 2.4ghz guest network. When I try to print, printing fails.

But, if I connect my three devices to the 5ghz guest network all three devices can print. They all see the printer at 192.168.9.x and print to it.

Is this specific to my printer? Or is there some routing reason why I cannot print when connected to my 2.4ghz guest network, but I can print if I connect to the 5ghz guest network?

Can you confirm that the IP address is the same on 2.4GHz wifi as on 5GHz wifi. Also, confirm that the 2.4GHz Guest Network is not configured to isolate client devices.

The printer IP address is the same on both networks; I made an IP reservation for the printer’s Mac, and it gets that same IP address on both SSID’s.

I was wondering about client device isolation on the guest network because my previous router offered that feature.

I now see in Luci > Network > Wireless> Interface Configuration > Advance Settings that Isolate Clients was checked for my guest networks. I recently upgraded from 3.x to 4.x firmware. Was that a default configuration change in 4.x? I didn’t enable that feature manually, and I don’t remember having this isolation before the upgrade.

Yes, 4.x has changed many settings for security. Some settings have yet to be added to the UI, such as AP Isolation.

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Thanks for the info.