Printing to remote IP Address with Slate and Vmware Horizon


I am a happy Slate owner and am requesting help from skilled network Persons.

I use Applications that connect to Printers via IP address. I select the printer model and have to type in its’ IP Address. The app needs to SEE and communicate with the Printer (get information from it)

Question: What must I do to achieve this when the Application is at “location A”, running on a 2019 Server machine, in the Datacenter (remote location) and the Printer is at “location B”, connected to its’ local network?

“I” am at the printer location (location B) with an IPad Pro running VMWARE Horizon View (latest version), connected to the Remote 2019 Server machine running the Application. I can use a Surface Pro in needed.

The Application needs to stay in the Datacenter and I 'll like to make minimal request from the Client

Thanks so much.

I don’t know how Vmware horizon works. Is it like a VPN?

For your printer, you can use slate, connect it to your datacenter using vpn. Then access slate using the vpn IP address. For your printer you may need to set up port forward in slate.