Privacy Policy update


Hi, I just read through the updated Privacy Policy (, and noticed this:

In section 3.1:

b. Personal Information We Collect from Your Interactions with Our Products and Services

Cookies and Tracking Technologies We use automatic data collection tools like cookies, web beacons, google analytics and other tracking technologies in our products to collect data and related information, including IP addresses, device identifiers, advertising identifiers and other information about your device, system and application software and peripherals. We may collect information about your browser and what sites you visit. We might also look at how and how often you use one of our applications and certain features. Third parties may also collect information using cookies. To learn more about our cookie policy, click here.

Does this mean that each device you develop has a unique device identifier and can report to you what sites are visited using that device?


I said a few years back that the router should never “call home” without the users permission, including updates, pinging Google (arghhh!) etc.


The info you mentioned is about cookie and web site usage, not the router.

That is Google analytics. Because we used that we need to put in the privacy policy. We don’t track anything in the router.


Nice to hear. Thanks Alzhao!