Private Internet Access VPN with Wireguard on Slate travel router

Is it possible to use Private Internet Access vpn on a Slate GL-AR750s-EXT with Wireguard?

Would someone be kind enough to point me to a tutorial?

According to the the website, PIA is supported with Wireguard.



If you configure using our smartphone app it could be easier.

Otherwise just go to PIA and export Wireguard config. Then upload to the router.

I do not have Private Internet Access, but I seem to remember a post on this forum that PIA does not provide WireGuard config files. If so, the GL.iNet app is the best method.

There may be a tool to generate PIA WireGuard config files yourself, on a system running one of the PIA apps.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

There is a video guide here.

there a script to generate pia wg config. You can extract the api calls and generate your own config on the fly

and also pia own script

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The IOS app made it extremely simple. Thank you!