Problem adding pia vpn to gl-ar750 (creta)

I have been able to access the net via ethernet and wifi with my GL-AR750.

However I cannot engage my PIA VPN via WireGuard.

The GLI NET app is only giving the option to set up router. In doing so it goes into the initializing process and on on completion it shows it is detecting current network. This seems strange in that the I am already connected to the network via my GL-AR750.

Thanks in advance.

May I know what is the firmware version of your GL-AR750?

I believe it’s 3.215.

If you connect directly to AR750 the app should allow you to configure wireguard.

Do you have any screenshot shows there is no way to configure wireguard?

Thanks for response.

I am now able to access the set uo router page. When I select location I get the response…warning. conflict . All other VPN services must be stopped first.

I have no VPN opened on my phone or PC.

The message means that you should stop other vpn on the router, including vpn client, vpn server and tor.

It does not refer to anything on your pc.

Will resetting the router do the trick?