Problem firmware GL-MT2500

Good morning everyone,
I have a significant problem with updating the firmware of the GL-MT2550 device.
I downloaded the bin file (Snapshot) for the device from the Openwrt site but when updating, it stopped and now I can no longer go back to the way it was before.

I tried to download firmware 4.5 and 4.5.16 from your official website but despite having followed the procedure as indicated on the website (during boot), it still gives an error…

" Something went wrong during updateProbably you have chosen wrong file. Please, try again or contact with the author of this modification. You can also get more information during update in U-Boot console."

How could I solve such problem and restore the device.
A thousand thanks

So you updated to plain OpenWrt? Which image did you use? Factory?

May you create a screenshot of the error message?

Do you mean that you cannot enter uboot at all?

Thanks for answering me immediately.
The error message is what I wrote above in quotes.

I updated from the OpenWrt site, since the system used is the one…
The image I downloaded is this:

Model: GL.iNet GL-MT2500
Platform: mediatek/filogic
Version: SNAPSHOT (r26236-51e9aa6ace)
Date: 2024-05-08 20:53:04

And I clicked on the Sysupdate button as I only needed to do an update without deleting anything of the configuration I had.
Below I leave you the link to the OpenWrt page where I got the file that caused all this.

Link: OpenWrt Firmware Selector

Regarding alzhao’s question, I can only access the page regarding the kernel update but everything else, no.

Can you still access OpenWrt by using SSH or luci?

I can log in via ssh

In that case you can try to flash the original firmware by using SSH.

sysupgrade -v openwrt-mt2500-4.5.16-0330-1711782730.bin

This should work for the MT2500 and will restore official 4.5.16 - hopefully.
(Internet is needed, ofc.)

I managed to download the file and issue the two commands from the terminal, but it tells me that there is an integrity problem and therefore it cannot continue with the restore…


If you are totally sure that the device is the right one, you can force the install by using

sysupgrade -f -v openwrt-mt2500-4.5.16-0330-1711782730.bin

Yes, I’m sure, below I’ll write what is on the plate under the device.
I also leave you a screenshot before updating.
Model: GL-MT2500
Input: 5v-2A
IP: 192.168.X.X

However, even when I force it, it gives me a negative result

Could you please post the output of blkid?

I think this is what you’re referring to


For me it looks like the partition table might be destroyed by the OpenWrt upgrade and now the device isn’t able to flash the image again :expressionless:

But not sure, @alzhao need to take a look.

Erm… Ok.
If it’s what you say, is there a way to fix it? to restore it or is it unrecoverable?
In any case, I thank you for the help and time you dedicate to me

I will wait for further info from the staff.
Thank you very much for now

Everything is recoverable, the question is just how. And that’s something I don’t know.
But the GL staff will have a look tomorrow, I would say.

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Here is what I do:

  1. MT2500 with v4.5 firmare
  2. Change to openwrt firmware, without keep settings
  3. access via ssh and install luci
  4. access luci, upload v4.5.16 firmware. It has warnings, the same as yours when using ssh.

  1. I am back to GL firmware without any problems.

Didn’t try this but it should be just OK. Or try the following

sysupgrade -f -n openwrt-mt2500-4.5.16-0330-1711782730.bin

Hello and thanks for your reply
I followed what you wrote but I think I did something wrong.

  • I had OpenWrt firmware
  • I went into Firmware update mode
  • Logged in via ssh
  • Installed the Luci program
  • I was able to access the Lights screen
  • Selected the v4.5.16 firmware and flagged the points (as per your image).
  • It restarted changing the IP address (I waited another 5 minutes) before logging in

But now if I go to that IP address, it tells me that the page is not reachable.
Where am I wrong?
Thanks again for your time

OK OK… :grin:
I was able to access the Gl.iNet Admin Panel screen.
I’m the one who had to take a further step…
Thank you so much to both @alzhao and @admon for your time and patience.

I’m now marking the post as resolved…

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So it was a browser cache issue.