Problem of access local network using WireGuard-VPN client, or Open-VPN client

i have couple of GL-XE300C4.
i configure one wiregurad VPN server, and the other wireguard VPN client, with access local network options.
i can access server side LAN from client side LAN
But i cannnot access client side LAN from server side LAN
i have same problem using open-VPN server and client.

i want access client side LAN from server side LAN
how can i fix it?

From the server to the client you must add a static route. Suppose your client subnet is, your static route is as follows:

ip route add dev wg0

I have similar problem, I can’t access client LAN from server LAN. How to set static route in GUI?

You have to set it on the server side.

Easy to say… I don’t see much options in unifi WG server…

Despite setting static route, i can not access client LAN from server LAN. i guess firewall problem, but i can not solve it. finaly, i gave up. i set the static route using terminal soft such as TeraTerm from network access, and input the command, i don’t know setting it using GUI.

Well this is strange, why I can access Mango GUI from main server LAN but not Mango LAN? Seems like it is issue with firewall on Mango side that is still not letting trough traffic to client LAN.

Are you using the Unifi Network Controller application to configure and manage your Unifi device? If so, you should be able to add a static route via the System → Traffic Management page.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Yes I have set static route option in unifi but it doesn’t make any difference. There is nothing for WG interface. I can access Mango GUI from my main LAN to mango client IP , but still can’t access Mango LAN from main LAN.
192.168.50.x is mango LAN is mango client IP
I need access to devices connected to mango.
So my understanding is that my unifi network is letting connect to all WG client devices including mango, but mango is blocking traffic from VG client LAN to mango LAN.

BTW when switch for(allow access local network) is off I can’t even access Mango on WG client IP.

The common problem is not due to blocking, but due to (lack of) routing. Although the Unifi device itself has a route to the Mango, the LAN devices on the Unifi do not have a route to the Mango. This is the purpose of adding the following route to the Unifi:

ip route add dev wg0

You may have to SSH into the Unifi to add the route and to make the route persistent after reboots.

That’s the thing I can access Mango from any device on my unifi LAN all ready, problem is that from unifi LAN I can’t access any device connected to Mango on Mango LAN.
192.168.1.x is unifi
192.168.6.x is WG
192.168.50.x is mango
So 1 to 6 work ok but 1 to 50 or even 6 to 50 is not.