Problem setting up repeater

Hello! I’m using Gl.Inet Gl-Mt300N-V2 and I have problems setting it up as a wireless repeater.
My dream setup is:
<some internet in hotel/cafe/etc.> → → —>

So far I only managed to succesfully create this connection in 2 cases:

  1. Connecting to the main router with a cable
  2. Setting up a hotspot on my phone and connecting through it.

Whenever I try to connect directly to the internet in the hotel/cafe through wifi, it goes through, the connection is successful, but internet simply doesn’t work.
It feels like the internet provider is somehow blocking the repeaters.
Is there a way to fix/bypass it? Am I doing something wrong?

Can you check this one Connect to Captive Portal - GL.iNet Docs

Thank you, this is useful too but in my cases it wasn’t neccessary to log in through the webpages.
What’s curious, I once left my modem connected for a while and it actually started working? Maybe it needs more time to start working, through the wired connection or phone it’s nearly instant so I was expecting the same with other methods. I will do some more testing in following days.

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