Problem subnet AR750

Hi all,
i have a ar750 connected by his port wan to my router vodafone

now i have

1 wifi ssid with vodafone router (A)
1 wifi ssid with gl.inet router (B)

the 2 networks doesn’t want see eachother, and i cannot use my cromecast in wifi B with my device in wifi B

antone can help me to undersand how make the 2 different subnet visible eachothers?

now whan i want see my router glinet i have to connect to (A) , if i have connect to (B) no working
Thks a lot

If you want two subnets to be visible to each other, you need to allow data to pass between the two subnet in the firewall, and you need to set the relevant routing rules to access each other.

thks but i tryed without success , in which screen i have to do in gl.inet? i did not found it, any example?
my lan /24 Glinet router vodafone