Problem using wisp with wep open router

The ar300m router refuses to create new connection. Shows under advanced settings old connection that has been disabled. Under windows the router connection is showing as open; it does require a password. I can connect to the wwan router with windows, android and iPhone without issue. Note: the gl-ar300m router is running 2.25 firmware. Any ideas?

Note i’ve tried using a passphrase, and the associated wep keys to no avail.

What’s your problem exactly? You say you can connect yet the password is not accepted?
If the router is open (ie. not secured) a password is not needed. Otherwise, the default password is “goodlife”.

Also, avoid WEP - it is not secure.


open (no password) or WEP?

open should not need a password.

The rv wwan router network requires a 10 character password. I do no control it, so I can’t change the wep security.

WEP need a 5 or 13 character password. I have no idea of what is your network security.