Problem with B2200 subnode LAN port

I have a mesh setup with a main and two subnodes. All of this hardware is new and just installed last week. On the first subnode I was using the LAN port without any problems. Today it is no longer working for me. I have tested this on multiple devices and none can connect to the LAN. The subnode otherwise is working as it should, wireless clients are able to connect. I’ve gone and did a reset on the subnode but that did not help. Any ideas what the issue may be?

In subnode mode, both ports should be LAN ports. Does the other port work?

Correct. I’ve tried both ports and none seem to allow me to connect.

Mmm, only other thing I could suggest is to reset and see if the ports operate as a master node/router .
That would at least determine if it’s the physical ports or if it’s because it’s operating as a node.

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