Problem with Synology DDNS

I recently moved to a GL iNet router for NextDNS support.

I am using a Synology NAS since about 2 years and have previously setup a DDNS to access my NAS from outside my home networks.

The problem I now have with my new router is that this ddns now resolves in the Router console and not the Synology NAS. I have read something that this might be due to the router using the same port for the console as the Synology but I don’t know how to proceed.

I’d appreciate some help.

Best regards

you need to set up your port forwarding, it’s in the firewall section of the router config.

But how can I find out which ports need to be forwarded to which ports?

origin port you decide

destination port, your nas decides.

usually, they’re the same for simplicity.

default for http is 80, default for https is 443


I have the following but that did not work:

what do you see if you connect there?

you can try forwarding router 444 to synology 443

Still landing on the Router Console interface

The default Synology login to DSM is TCP 5000 for http and TCP 5001 for https (install a certificate). Various services use different ports.

Personally, I would not open ports directly from the Internet to my Synology NAS. I would prefer to set up a VPN server for remote access to my LAN.

Before moving to the GL.iNet router, did you have a different router with the Synology NAS connected to one of its LAN ports? If so, it must have had port forwarding set up that you may be able to copy from.

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