Problems after updating firmware

After updating the firmware of both my AR-150 and my MT-300A, they both become unresponsive a few minutes after bootup. Using Uboot to re-flash both routers with several different versions of the firmware, the behavior of the routers is the same every time: seemingly normal operation for a few minutes, then they become unresponsive to HTML, SSH or Ping. Might I have corrupted something in flash two separate times?

What firmware are you using? If you use uboot to update the firmware, it should be very clean will not brick anything.

I made some fundamentally incorrect assumptions. The problems occurred while travelling with a laptop running Debian. Returning home, I tested the routers with a Window 10 laptop and they are perfectly stable with their respective 2.20 firmwares. So… I was wrong.

No idea why it doesn’t work with Debian. It should work. I am using Ubuntu all the time.

The problem wasn’t Debian, it was my laptop’s Ethernet settings, which I forgot I had changed. You make good routers, Thanks for your prompt attention.