Problems with /etc/config/network changing

I have an ar300m lite.

I want to be able to use tethering, cable, and repeater at different times. It appears that the file /etc/config/network is overwritten at times. In particular, after having got easy-tether configured, if I later plug the Ethernet cable into my home router, then the configuration I had set up for the ‘wan’ interface gets modified and so I can’t easily go back to the tether.

To use tether again, what I have to do is, keep a copy of the /etc/config/network file on my laptop, use winscp to write it back to the gl router and then reboot the gl router. Then I can use easytether again.

If I switch back to repeater mode (after unplugging the usb to my phone) then it works, so it’s not clobbering the ‘wan’ entry in that case.

Does anyone have a better idea? Can’t there be more than one ‘wan’ type of entry so it knows to use easy tether when I want and if a cable is plugged in use the Ethernet. It appears that it’s sharing the ‘wan’ entry for cable and easy-tether.

What firmware version are you using?

wan, wwan (repeater) and tethering should be different interfaces from firmware v2.27 and v3.x.

I’m using the latest 3.019. I’m using easy-tether, and that seems to be not fully supported, i.e. when tethered with it, the admin panel does not indicate tethering.

Tech support said it’s because it’s a 3rd party interface. I’m guessing this is why it uses the wan interface, and so overwrites the wan interface the ethernet cable uses. I was hoping there’s a better way to set this up.

Can you tell me what is your android version ? 9?

It’s 8.0.0 a samsung galaxy j3 achieve (boost mobile)