Problems with GL-MT6000

I bought fint2 router aka GL-MT6000. From a hardware perspective its seems to be a good router...But I'm struggling with it ever since I replace it as my main router. Truth to be told I'm not a openwrt expert.
I also bought used two tplink mr8300 and one ea8300 router to use them as a dumb ap. I configured it and they are working properly.
Problems with GL router are probably due its firmware.

For example if I upgrade all packages that was installed by default using lucu I can't log in any more to but is working. Wifi is not working.

For me only solution is to reset router and configure it from the scratch.

When I changed wifi 5ghz ssid and password using default gui I couldn't connect to 5ghz nor any more. When I logged in to luci i saw that wifi 5 ghz was disabled for some reason. When I enabled it, it started to work without an issue.

I'm trying to set up vlans with this router but this doesn't work for me.
I think the best option will be to update to openwrt 23*. I tried that but without success so I reverted it back to the latest stable firmware.

I don't know...

Maybe I'm doing something wrong..but three linksys routers with openwrt 23* are working very, very stable. Even if I make some mistake configuring it, there is no problem to revert it. Flint just hang, got very hot and only thing that do the trick is to reset it to default settings.

I'm dont wanna say that this is a bad router, because it isn't. But I think that GL should provide step by step tutorial how to remove their firmware and upgrade to the latest openwrt firmware because this just isnt working.

Don't do it. That's not how updates on GL routers are supposed to work.
Updating only happens by updating the whole firmware from here.

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I know now, but this leaves bad taste.
It seems like they want to do everything with their firmware but archived nothing.

You can simply go plain OpenWrt 23, which works fine.
But then you need to know, ofc, what you are doing.

I guess @Dondi can confirm that plain OpenWrt works pretty well.

Well I will try again some time.. First time it didn't work. Maybe I done something wrong. I was reading community guidelines but I couldnt connect to it.

In plain OpenWrt the default IP is instead of .8.1 if I remember right. Maybe this was already the issue :slight_smile:

I was stetting up 4 router as wifi dumb aps plus this one. Well maybe... But I will try to upgrade it to newest firmware.

Yes it works pretty well. Only issue is that the online firmware builder often is not working, presumably some part of that is because the snapshot builds are using very new kernel versions and the packages are not updated to that kernel version. The stable build always seems to work in the firmware builder.

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This openwrt guide should work?
When I choose firmware it gives me 23.05.3 firmware. Did you installed this firmware using sysupgrade image using flint2 default gui?

Yes, You need to use the sysupgrade version and you can flash it from the Flint 2 GUI. Do not use the factory upgrade firmware from OpenWRT as that will change the bootloader.

Ok, lets give it another go. I bricked it a few times but was able to restore it to latest gl firmware.

I changed the firmware, installed and configured adguard on it. So far sa good.