Problems with packet loss on wireguard VPN to pfsense firewall

Hi Group

Im having issues with an MT2500 (Brume2) with a wireguard client connection to a pfsense firewall which is acting as the server.
The box has 2 x Wireguard interfaces with one for management and the other connecting to a telephony server (Linux appliance). The telephony server VPN seems to be working fine however the one to the pfsense is exhibiting weird behaviour in that it intermittently works (ping) and then stops and works again.
I have spent hours on this and reset boxes multiple times, updated to 4.5 and tried another box and all exhibit the same problem.
Does anyone have any idea what this could be and what to troubleshoot next. I want to use lots of these boxes but I am growing more concerned about the quality of OpenWRT.


Problem is now fixed after upgrade of pfSense from 23.05 to 23.09.1.
Case is closed!


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