Problems with Ports, Wireguard

I run a Linux system and use GUFW. I also use Wireguard

I am connecting to a VOIP system over Wireguard through a softphone using SIP. I know this is discouraged due to latency issues, but I prefer the privacy of using Wireguard at all times.

When I connect to place VOIP calls, the calls are often fine for 15 minutes and then disconnect right around that time.

I asked the VOIP company about what to do, and they said to unblock certain ports. I don’t know if use GUFW or use Luci firewall rules.

I initially added GUFW rules to open the ports and added rules in Luci that the destination ports would be open and the call dropped immediately, so I deleted the rules.

What should I do?

Does your wireguard work on glinet’s router?

Wireguard seems to work fine for almost everything. It connects. The problem is I am losing VOIP connections after 15 minutes when something is timing out. Wireguard does not drop during this time, but the VOIP connection does, and the VOIP company is saying I need to unblock certain ports.

The VOIP company said to keep certain ports open.

I do not know if I need to do this inside my computer’s filewall or if I need to go into Luci or GL.inet’s menu and manually open up ports. I also don’t know if opening up ports generally makes me more open to being hacked.

Should I be using Luci or Gl.inet’s interface? How should I do this?

Always fixed at 15 minutes or so to disconnect? If the fault is caused by a firewall wall, it is completely unavailable.
Also, can you reestablish the connection after disconnection?

I suggest asking the VoIP company whether they support SIP encryption with TLS and/or SRTP, which are now supported by many providers. If so, then calls will be secure and more stable than going through a WireGuard/VPN router. Many softphones also support TLS and SRTP.

I have VoIP running over SIP TLS on a Grandstream ATA that works well.

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