Problems with using MT3000 as a client

I noticed strange behavior of the device when trying to use it as a WiFi (sta) client only.

The problem is this: For some reason, connections created in the Network-Wireless tab (as a client, sta) or edited the configuration in the /etc/config/wireless file disappear after a reboot. Thus, my task of using the device as a client only for distributing wired Internet (connecting to a primary 2.4Ghz WiFi network and a secondary 5.8Ghz WiFi network for balancing and fault tolerance) fails every time.

Initially, my task is to use 2.4Ghz as a client to the primary network and 5.8Ghz as a client to the secondary network. Using multi-wan (mwan3) I want to achieve balancing + fault tolerance. But I am unable to keep the connection stable after a reboot, which is always a failure.

I temporarily solved this by changing the names of the files in the /etc/gl-reset-network.d folder by adding a ! and made them permissions 0644. It seems that this solved my problem and after a reboot the configuration files /etc/config/network remain unchanged. I don’t know what these actions affected, but everything looks normal. If anyone knows what exactly these files are responsible for and why they interfered with normal operation, I would be very grateful and I hope this will help someone like me :slight_smile:

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First of all I would not recommend to edit files provided by the base OS installation. I am not sure about what these files do, but they must be there for a reason.

Second I would not recommend using mwan3 as some mission critical item. mwan3 has so many problems that it’s the best to avoid it. I know that multi-wan redundancy does not work then … but mwan3 is really pain as soon as you start to use advanced features like IPv6, VPN or anything else.

If you don’t know what the files are used for, just look inside of them instead of renaming :wink:

I need balancing to use multiple wifis as a client. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any other ways to achieve load balancing of more than 2 wwan.

Of course, I briefly looked at these files, but I didn’t see any significant work :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, I’m having more and more problems. The fact is that for some reason unknown to me, new access points are created without a password on the same channels as the sta-connections. Previously they were called MTK_CHEETAH_AP_2.4G and MTK_CHEETAH_AP_5.8G. The search led me to the files /etc/wireless/mediatek/mt7981.dbdc.b0.dat /etc/wireless/mediatek/mt7981.dbdc.b1.dat, which contained these lines. However, after they are deleted, the same access points get new names such as HT_AP0, HT_AP2, etc. They are not visible in the Network/Wireless tab, nor are they in the files. They are created without the ability to delete or hide them. Tell me, what is this feature? Is it possible to cut out all the GL noise in the OpenWRT firmware in order to make it as convenient as possible to use it for your purposes? This causes me a lot of inconvenience.

Looks like this topic has already been raised here Beryl AX (MT3000) firmware issues - #7 by munsuri

Buying an OpenWRT router would be the best option then :sweat_smile:

Well … I would go with traditional firewalls then. They are designed for this use-case and multi wwan support is much better. They are not portable for sure but the MT3000 seems to be the wrong device for this enterprise use-case in my opinion.