Problems with WLAN after upgrade to v2.27

After I upgraded my GL-AR300M to v2.27 of the firmware, it will connect from the WiFi quickly, and I see a message of:

[ 121.218926] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): wlan-sta: link becomes ready
[ 121.293358] wlan-sta: Limiting TX power to 36 (36 - 0) dBm as advertised by xx:dd:zz:yy:zz:ff
[ 137.169759] wlan-sta: deauthenticating from xx:dd:zz:yy:zz:ff by local choice (Reason: 3=DEAUTH_LEAVING)

This is acting as a bridge (WISP) to another WiFi network. It was working just fine with the old v2.26.x firmware, but not any more. Is there some setting I can change to avoid this?

Poking around some more, it’s gl_health that’s doing this. Killing this process makes the connectivity go away, but then of course, it won’t automatically reconnect with changes to WiFi etc. :-/. Any ideas what’s going on here? Is there an update to gl_health somewhere?

I think you might be having the same issue as here:

It has been fixed in v3 of the firmware that will be released in a few weeks hopefully :slight_smile:

Hmmm, there is no password for the upstream WiFi, and no password stored in the /etc/configs/ssids file. The router connects fine initially, works for the first 20s or so, and then gl_health shuts it down again.

The bug is related to crashes and other things in gl_repeater and gl_health, so it can affect many things while using WISP :slight_smile:

When the new firmware is out try and see if it is fixed for you, i think it will be :slight_smile: