Product suggestion, dual 2.4Ghz radios

Can you make a mini router with dual 2.4GHz radios? Actually dual 2.4GH and dual 5GHz would be even better.

This would be useful to have a routed connection between a wifi LAN network to a wifi WAN network. The router can be configured to provide security to the LAN side from the WAN side. I would find this useful to have that extra layer of defense when connecting to untrusted wifi networks.

This would also be useful to work as a pineapple clone as that product has two different wifi radio chips. The article about building one with glib product had to have an external alfa wifi plugged in. If you had dual radio chips you could do all the pineapple use cases.

Actually you can just connect a 2nd wifi adapter and have dual 2.4G radios. But the performance is not as good as expected.

We will have 2.4G and 5G dual radios (not dual 2.4G and dual 5G) and this should be enough for security purposed.

We don’t want to design a wifi pineapple clone although some of our users does use pineapple in our devices. It will be a big mistake to clone others. Wifi pineapple is strong in their software support while we cannot do the same.

Thanks for reply, will try the USB radio add on.

Wasn’t suggesting you clone pineapple and their software. Just to have device w/ dual/dual radios and could be use for same activities as well as others. e.g. full bandwidth wifi repeater.