Proposal for gl-inet product

I love my GL-INET products.

I would absolutely LOVE to see a GL-INET Raspberry Pi hat, microsd, & travel router batter/case kit with their OpenWRT implementation.

What you’d get when you buy it is the Pi Hat, Modem, and a case. There could be cases with external antenna connections, bigger batteries.

There could be cat16+ modem varieties, etc.

Assemble the PI, pop it all into the case, insert the microSD, and tada! A maker type LTE travel router.

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I think they already kinda tried something similar with the Domino Core but they discontinued it, probably not a lot of people were interested in the product.

The problem is that: compatibility between modules are very difficult.

The most successful products, do not allow you to change configurations easily, because it will be a disaster for the manufacturer to support.