Proposal for the production of a new router with HW as RT3200 / Linksys E8450

I want to invite developers, marketers and designers to think about a proposal to release a new router, it will be a great router, with the same hardware as Belkin RT3200 / Linksys E8450 but with some changes:

  1. Based on fresh OpenWrt with fresh kernel with Gl-iNet web interface
  2. With wall mount
  3. Without external antennas!
  4. With USB 3.0! (SoC supporting USB 3.0)
  5. New box design
  6. You will have this first device with 5 lan ports (of course, make the network ports on the back side)
  7. With U-Boot
  8. Use leds only wifi, wan (lan1), lan2, lan3, lan4, lan5, don’t use any VPN and others leds
  9. Horizontal arrangement (when router without wall mount), or two options for the location of the router (like Mikrotik hAP ac 3). Perforated on the case for free cooling (like Mikrotik hAP ac 3).
  10. Any more ideas?

I think the demand for this device will be very high

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Find interesting info about this devices on the OpenWrt forum


I think still need to add a status LED on or off the device

Has it be vertical?

We do have AX router coming, with 5 LAN port, USB3.0. But it has external antennas. I am not sure why you do not want these antennas. Maybe antenna is urly. But internal antenna will make the product big.

Hi alzhao, which AX router coming, can you give us full HW specs? Or give me in pm if it is secret now)

Who is vertical?

External antennas is not the problem) but inconvenient in some cases)

So the core idea is to have a powerful wifi6 router with more lan ports and can be mounted on wall?

New products info will be released later.

Yes. Why not?) Each router should be able to be wall-mounted)

Option for server racks is a different mount)

You have intrigued me very much with the new router. How soon will the information appear?

Will the router be Edge Computing?

AX router info may be available in Sep

Nice, do you have a target competitor product that you are spec’ing your new router against ?

I hope all future GLINET routers are powered by type c port

The OLED on mudi is super cool, it be geeky that at press of a button, the screen wakes up and show you CPU% Temperature, RAM etc

The main thing is that the new router has normal hardware, so that it is possible to install a fresh vanilla openwrt with fresh kernel.
Do not choose bad hardware such as realtek and the rest that is not supported by open source

Gl-iNet have router with sfp or maybe planned this option in some router?

The bad news is that OpenWrt does not support WiFi6 routers at all.

The good news is that we also compile all the necessary software package for our openwrt version.

No Realtek.

OLED is our first try on routers. It is nice but still not as good as a smartphone do.

If you need good screen, maybe need to use Andriod. But Andriod is not good for routers.

Yes but in active developement, in snapshots exist rt3200 and e8450 firmwares, Openwrt is support this devices in a short time i’m think. And active developement other models

RT3200 is in MASTER, and a fair amount of work is getting done there. Two paths, one is using the vendor NAND mapping, and there’s a variant that uses UBI/UBIFS…

The Mediatek BSP on that device is based on LEDE 17.0, so the port is moving well enough - major areas of work are the open source wireless drivers for 5GHz (2.4GHz is b/g/n WiFi4 as part of the SOC), and the switch port to DSA.

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