Proxmox & MT3000 Wi-Fi 6

Dear all.
I have proxmox homelab with wiregurde install on it and I creat client for my iPhone and one for GL-MT3000 Wi-Fi 6 Travel Router MEET Beryl AX
I can connect to my home server through my iPhone without any issue when I set up VPN on iPhone, but I with GL-MT3000 Wi-Fi 6 Travel Router MEET Beryl AX I get internet connection after upload VPN conf file, but I can’t connect to my home server.
Is there any missing set up to get connect to my home server?
with regards

You gotta tweak some routes/WG gateway(s):

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thank you @bring.fringe18 for your reply I would like to mention that I already install wiregurde on proxmox homelab and I don’t want GL-MT3000 act as wiregurde server NO I want GL-MT3000 connect to wiregurde in my homelab

Can you ssh into the Beryl AX & post the output of wg show after you’ve attempted to connect to your Homelab endpoint? I assume you’re using the same Internet connection as your iPhone but WAN thru a cable instead of Wi-Fi.

Comparing the conf in the iPhone against the one loaded into the Beryl AX is worth checking. There may be something, however unlikely, missing there… like persist_keepalive = 25 if I had to guess.

root@GL-MT3000:~# wg show
interface: wgclient
public key: ICQpBs7K3mOpK0An31fFKwxJm18hASWqlk16dXznYQY=
private key: (hidden)
listening port: 41245
fwmark: 0x80000

peer: QSL+WquCAQC1Qx2xBQ5ABNml/cJiXWyGFpQNeJ816Fk=
preshared key: (hidden)
allowed ips:, ::/0
latest handshake: 9 seconds ago
transfer: 28.45 KiB received, 20.76 KiB sent
persistent keepalive: every 25 seconds

any help please regarding configuration

The WG confs you posted look good. Can you ssh into the Beryl AX & post the output of wg show? Doing the same on your Promox server would be helpful if you can get into it fr your phone.

Output from nslookup $yourDDNS would be helpful.

You don’t always need to post screenshots. Text output fr the CLI or configuration files can be posted