Proxmox + pfsense with Flint 2

Hi. I am interesting to make proxmox and pfsense.
I have new mini pc nuc with two entrnet ports. But I am really don’t know will be work with flint 2?
So plan wan to lan 1 mini pc (one cable). Lan 2 mini pc to wan flint 2. I should turn off dhcp in flint 2?


Yeah you can put the device in AP mode from my understanding

You mean Flint 2 change mode router to Access Point? Does work adguard in flint 2?

I’m not sure if agh works in AP mode, but you can easily setup a agh container in proxmox and assign that IP to you pfsense DNS entry.

That would be the best method

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Oh thanks, I did not know. What about wireguard? Same in proxmox?

You can, or run it in pfsense. I’ve ran it in PF but it was hard to set up