Proxy Mode 'based on the target domain' leaks ISP IP

Model: GL.iNet: GL-MT3000
Kernel Version: 5.4.211

Router is leaking ISP IP when ‘Modify Proxy Mode’ is set to ‘VPN Policy Base on the Target Domain or IP
see screenshot. When mode ‘Global Proxy’ is selected the VPNprovider IP is shown.

VPN setting is ‘WireGuard

Please check / solve this issue.

Thanks for your feedback! We will mark this bug.You can replace “” with “” to fix this issue.

Thank you, looks like removing https:// in the url for now solves the issue.

One other thing: if I use this setup by allowing Netflix to bypass the VPN, I still get an error:

Any thoughts on what it can be and how to solve this issue?

reply to my Netflix case, think I found a similar topic about this issue: VPN Policy and Android (TV) and Netflix - #2 by alzhao
looks like you have to exclude more domains besides to make it work bypassing the tunnel. Pff quite a hassle. Maybe an idea if GL-inet can work out on some best practices topics or overview or something.

I think they fixed this dns leaks on the latest release which is currently in beta.