PS5 and some apps at TV knows I'm using VPN, is normal?

Hi guys, I did a Wireguard server at Ubuntu and used a rpi3 as a client and wifi router at my home, now I’m living in other country, so I need this for some apps that only work at my home country.
So with the apps at the smartphone and some websites that also are blocked to access abroad are working fine, as Netflix also.

But some apps at the TV for ex Twitch, and also the streaming services on my ps5 seems to identify the VPN, and this don’t work.
This issue is related with the Wireguard protocol that is being identified?
With GL router this problem will remain?
I bought the GL-AXT1800 (Slate AX) to use as client, in this same network I did.
My idea if this work properly is to buy another GL-AXT1800 and send to my home country to use as a server.

Thank you for your help.

Its because all VPN IP’s get listed by censors who publish lists for others to do the same. Tor bridges has the same issue as one day all bridge IP’s will be recognised as having involvement with Tor. Its difficult to have a publicly visible IP used for a specific purpose whilst trying to pretend otherwise. Some VPN providers offer a stealth option which hides WireGuard and OpenVPN by wrapping it with HTTPS but again if they choose to block via originating source IP they will know its a VPN and which VPN company it belongs to

Agree with you but is not the case.
My vpn server is running in my place, private IP at my hometown.
I still have a location and internet overthere.

I received my router today.
I don’t know in which way the OpenWRT on GL.Inet is different from the Wireguard client installed on the RPI, but with the router I was able to trick the PS5 and also Twitch at the TV.

Someone has an explanation what the router does different compared to pure Wireguard on rpi?

If it is your own server, there is no reason it can be detected by PS5.