Public IP is missing for Side 2 Side

sorry i’m new and try now nearly 10h without success…

I have a GL-AR750S after an another Router (Telekom Speedport Smart 4). At GoodCloud I see the GL-AR750S and my Mudi, both are online, but the i can’t create a S2S-Network, because i don’t know how to switch off the NAT…
…where i have to do the chances in the Speetdport or in the GL-AR750S?

Thanks for Help

Hi JackyMcFly:

You should setting a port forwarding on Telekom Speedport Smart 4.

I have no Telekom Speedport device, so I get this image from internet.

For this example, is GL-AR750S’s wan ip,and change Site to Site’s port as 8081

Hello dengxinfa,
thx for your answear.

Port at Speedport is (was already) open…

But no Main Node is found.

…and the is a new problem, if i switch off the VPN (wireguard) the slate has no more connection to the internet!?
With VPN it is running, where can i look for this problems?

For the S2S connection (to find the Main node) i have to switch VPN off or it dosn’t matter?

It dosn’t matter, they can work at the same time.

I saw from another post that the Telekom Speedport device may have some unknown issues with dual NAT.

Can you verify the Port forward function of Telekom Speedport through a web or other server?